Traffic Ticket — Judici E-Plea & E-Pay

Traffic Ticket, Conservation Violation

To Plead Guilty:

Search for your case by name OR enter your ticket number using the Plea/Pay option below. (You do not have a case number). After searching, select the Plea/Pay under Judici E-Pay.




If you use this payment option, DO NOT mail in the blue copy of your ticket. According to Judici, “Only certain types of cases are eligible for Judici Plea & Pay.”

  • The only case types that may use Judici E-Plea and E-Pay are TR (Traffic) and CV (Conservation).
  • In addition, only violations that do not require appearance in court (no court appearance required) cases are eligible. Read your ticket carefully to ensure it says no court appearance required.
  • If you received more than one ticket at the time of the offense, other than a seat belt citation, your cases are NOT eligible for Judici E-Plea and E-Pay.
  • Your case must be open. Make sure there is no date in the “Initial Close Date” field on the Case Information page.
  • Your case must not have a disposition or sentence other than “Failure to Appear”.
  • Any cash bond posted on the violation must not exceed the amount due to the court.”

Payment is due by court date with or without court supervision.

To Request Court Supervision

  • Court Supervision is NOT available online.
  • Per the State’s Attorney’s Office, any individual who seeks court supervision for a traffic citation MUST appear in court on the date written on the citation.



Judici E-Pay

Payment of Fines and Costs

To make a payment on a case with outstanding fines and fees, choose the Pay Now option below. Search for your case by name OR enter your case number. After searching, select the Pay Now under Judici E-Pay.

Pay Now



Why isn’t my case eligible for Judici E-Pay?

According to Judici, “There are a number of reasons why your case may not be eligible for Judici E-Pay.”

  • The case must be closed. Without a disposition and sentence on all charge(s), the case is not eligible.
  • The case must have an outstanding balance in accounts receivable.
  • The case must not have a prohibited payment type of electronic payment (i.e. warrant).

Payment is due by court date with or without court supervision.




Other Payments

To make a payment on child support administrative fees, civil filing fees, record checks or copies use this link:

Enter 4036 (Clinton County Circuit Clerk – Civil Filing Fees) in the Search Bar, Click Search, Pay This Destination

Payments (


Pay by Phone

If internet access is not available, payment maybe made by calling AllPaid at (888) 604-7888 (please note the service fee is higher by phone). Please use the following Pay Location Code numbers below for the type of payment:

  • 4036 Civil Filing Fees
  • 4037 Fines